Rebecca Quinn,
MA Organizational Management

Rebecca Quinn

Rebecca Quinn

Who I Am …

A small business specialist who helps struggling business owners become more successful. Whether they’re in the startup phase or have been in business for awhile, small business owners and service professionals work hard at what they do and love. But they don’t always have the knowledge or time to create a solid business foundation and so they face continuing challenges such as not having enough customers, overwhelm, and lack of income.

I provide assessment, strategy, and implementation of business planning, operations, marketing and social media. You didn’t go into business to be an expert ON business. I did.

 Who You Are …

A small business owner, solo entrepreneur, service professional, freelancer. You’re just getting started or maybe you’ve been in business for while. You have no employees or you have a few who do the work of the business but not the bigger picture stuff. You are struggling …

*To get your business started. Not sure what needs to be done and/or you hear conflicting advice on business plans

*To get more customers and make more money. The advertising or word of mouth isn’t working anymore.

*You’re working non-stop and are overwhelmed. Maybe you aren’t as profitable as you’d like. You want to grow.

Who I Work With …

Small business people just like you who …

*Aren’t big enough to have separate departments for Marketing, Operations, and HR

*Are ready to grow, to take the next step and invest in their dreams

*Want to be more successful … on their own terms … to have the kind of business that’s right for them

*Realize what it’s costing them to stay where they are.

What I do …

In a nutshell, I do business planning, operations, management, and marketing. I look at where you are now and where you’d like to go with your business. Then, we create a plan with the steps to get you there. Sometimes you implement the plans. Sometimes I do. You decide.

More specifically, and depending on which stage your business is in …

*START!  If you are just getting started:  Business plans (not necessarily for the bank but as a roadmap of how you will do your business.) Start up planning and actions. How will you make money?

*GROW!  If you need more customers:  Marketing. Social media. Getting you found both offline and online. Inbound marketing. Content marketing.

*RUN!  If your business is busy and you’re overwhelmed:  Systems and automation. Operations manuals. Policies and procedures. Profitability. Don’t let the big words scare you. We’ll make simple systems that work for you!

What Makes Me Different and Why That Means I Can Help You …

Because I like to wear purple highlights in my hair? (I sometimes do, but that’s not it!)

People typically go into business to do something they love and are good at. To live their dream. But most of them don’t really like the business and marketing side of their business, right? They aren’t trained in business and it only gets in the way of what they really want to do. Sound familiar?

Well, I love it. I live and breathe this small biz & marketing stuff 🙂

Sure, I have tons of training and a few degrees plus years of experience. But mainly it’s a way of looking at the small business as a whole system. The parts have to work together to create the results you want.

*You can start making your product but you won’t be successful unless you market and sell it.

*You can market all day but it won’t be much use if your delivery system is broken.

*You can deliver your services but you won’t be profitable if you aren’t charging right.

*You can spend all day doing social media but how does it connect to more sales?

See what I mean?

I understand the whole small business. You don’t have a bunch of departments. You need simple systems that work as easily as possible so you can get your work done. I understand that, often times, you are your business.

What I Have Done …

Since 2004, I’ve done management and marketing for small business owners in entertainment, financial, real estate, food, sales, manufacturing, design and more.

I also worked in hospitality, higher education, government, for-profit and non-profit industries in my past life. I left my last ‘job’ when management refused to let me help the very customers I was hired to help. I was told not to waste my time talking to them. What? Customers are the reason there is a business! That was all it took and I’ve worked in own company – where the success of my clients is my goal – ever since.

What I Believe …

*Simple systems and plans are critical, and that you have to revise as you go along

*Small business is the future of this country & entrepreneurs will save the planet

*I’m excited by merging the offline/online world we live in

*It’s possible to combine great, personal customer service with the best in technology

* My favorite term these days is Social Business

The Papers (aka Degrees, Trainings, Certifications)

DBA – Doctor of Business Administration candidate (2017)

MA Organizational Management

BA Liberal Studies -Majors: Business Management, Communications

AA Communications

AS Multimedia Arts and Technology

Retail and Consumer Studies Competency Award

Trained Mediator

Social Service Administration (Non-profit) degree requirements completed

Entrepreneurial Training Program Graduate

Certified Inbound Marketer

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

Certified Peer Educator

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