To Start, Grow & Run Your Small Business

START!   Just Getting Started?

Business Planning. You may not think you need a formal business plan if you aren’t looking for financing, but you still need to plan your business. You know how to do what you do. I can help you figure out how to make a business of it.

Besides the market research and financials, have you figured out:  How you’ll get customers? How they’ll contact you and place an order? How you’ll be paid and how much? How you’ll keep track of everything and fulfill the order? How you’ll provide customer service and deliver what you sell?  How can you automate as much as possible so your business runs smoothly and still provide the best service? You need a plan.

Startup assistance. Permits, licenses, DBAs, FBNs, EINs, payments, accounts, taxes and more. Need some help to get it all done?

GROW!   Need more business?

Marketing. It’s a different world out there. One where we don’t grab the phone book anymore. We look online, often from our mobile phones. We don’t trust advertising as much. We ask our friends and our networks for advice, and we read reviews.

You need a plan that combines online and offline marketing, so you can be found where your customers are looking for you.

We’ll figure out who those customers are, why they should do business with you, and how we can go meet them where they are! It’s usually a combination of more traditional marketing along with making sure your website is attracting business to you as well as other online or social media marketing tactics. A plan and a schedule to get you there.

Custom marketing plans. Building your online presence. Social media management, strategy, policy. Positioning, differentiation, branding. Inbound marketing and content marketing. Website planning and keyword optimized copy.

RUN!  Systems & Operations

This is for you if you are working too much, are overwhelmed, are not making as much money as you should be, or just know your business could do much better.

We’ll look at your processes and see where things can be improved. We can document systems which will allow you to hire or outsource some of the workload. Simple technology can often make a world of difference. And how about those numbers? Are you charging the right prices and watching your costs?

We get so used to doing things our way that we don’t see a better way. I can help by analyzing the current problems and creating a plan to get you out of overwhelm and into a smoother running, more profitable business so you can have the lifestyle business you want.

Services available by package, project or retainer. Fees range from $247 to several thousand dollars depending on the project, the timeframe, and your budget. Options include:

Assessment & Strategy $247

Not quite ready for a full business, marketing or operations plan but you know you need help? You don’t have enough customers, need better internet visibility, are overwhelmed or getting to that point? Start here.

*You’ll fill out a questionnaire so I can learn more about you, your business, and your goals. What stage are you in and what are the challenges? What do you need help with?

*I will complete a review of the questionnaire, your online presence, and other documentation you provide.

*We will schedule and have a 45-min phone (or Skype) consultation to discuss your business.

*And you’ll receive a recording of the call so you don’t need to take notes while we talk, plus you can listen again if you’d like.

*You’ll also receive a brief written report of my assessment and recommendations; including action steps you can take.

The Assessment & Strategy Session is recommended for all stages of business if you’d like some advice on running and growing your company. Should you decide, within 30 days of receiving your Assessment & Strategy Report, to work with me further, 50% of this fee will be credited towards your future invoices, spread out over the course of that program.

90 Day Mini Marketing Plan $297

Based on a questionnaire you fill out, this Mini Marketing Plan will cover 90 days beginning with the day you receive your Plan. Included are:

*Recommended marketing strategies and tactics, many free and low-cost

*Calendar so you’ll know what to do each week and each day

*Handouts and worksheets including lists of marketing ides, places to get listed, goals worksheet so you can plan ahead

*Reminder emails to keep you on track while you implement your Plan

*Phone (or Skype) consultation of 45-minutes is included and can be recorded if you so choose

*You’ll even be able to use the 90 Day Mini Marketing over again for the next quarter by tweaking it to match your business cycles and successes!

*This is a do it yourself program so all you need to do is follow the recommendations and schedule in the Plan. Create the content, post on the social networks, attend the events, get the listings, and more. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, you can order the plan and have an employee or virtual assistant follow the Plan on your behalf.


Online Presence WHAT YOU NEED TO GET FOUND Plan $397/mo for 6 months

This is for you if you don’t have much of a web presence. You know you need to be there … where your customers are expecting to find you. If you’re not online, you don’t exist.  A complete plan – strategy through implementation – of the basics you need to get found online.  You get …

*The Plan – Analysis and strategy session including recording of our call and written customized action plan showing what I will do for you and what you will do for yourself.

*Basic keyword research and basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of up to five web or blog pages to get you found in searches. Includes minimal copywriting of those pages, as needed.

*We’ll collaborate to get at least five keyword-optimized articles or pieces of content posted online.

*Listings, profiles, review sites, directories – to get the links Google loves and to get you found online.

*Social networking profiles set up or optimized – Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn (or other depending on what makes sense for you. Pick 3) and Dashboard to manage them

*Social media management includes 2-3 months of posts 2-3 times each weekday, based on content you provide. Friend and follower requests. Accept friends. Forwarding of conversations and direct messages to you once each weekday. You provide the interaction and conversations with your followers.  I’ll provide materials covering the basics so you can do it.

*Monthly tracking of metrics and progress

*Monthly email or phone call to discuss results and plan content for upcoming month

*Web design, development, graphic design not included.

This is a 6-month program designed to build your online presence over time and it allows for budget-friendly monthly payments. Some customization is required. For example: In some cases, it’s necessary to focus on branding and differentiation strategies in the beginning months, and cut back on some social media in later months. If your website/blogsite is already optimized and has good content we can spend more time on listings and social media. If your site is poorly written with no SEO, then more time will be spent there. We’ll start where you are and you’ll receive your customized 6-month plan during the first month. Let’s get started so you can get found!

Custom Plans & Action Plans

Business Plans. Start Up Help. Marketing Plans. Operations Planning. Social Media Planning. Emergency Preparedness Plans. Plans for all areas of starting, growing and running your business.

Investment varies – quotes available

Something’s not working and you’re ready for some help. Because your business is not like anyone else’s business, custom plans are available for each of these areas. Some business owners invest in a plan and take it from there. Others prefer to have the plan implemented for them.  I’d be happy to explore the options with you based on your needs and your budget.

 Other Ways to Work with Rebecca

*Read her Articles on Small Business Management and Marketing

*Request her as a Small Business Speaker on topics such as No and Low Cost Marketing, Building an Online Presence for Your Local Business, Systems to Streamline Your Small Business.

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